What is Body Image Retreat?

Body Image Retreat was started after 2 years of Boudoir Photography, when Nicole realised that there was so much more that needed to be done to help people see that they are worthy, no matter what they look like. 

Nicole began researching, training and working closely with her clients to better understand what they need. There were 4 key points that came to light:

1. People want a safe space to learn about themselves

2. We are influenced by internal and external factors

3. Most of the things we "believe" are conditioned

4. Body image is a diverse and complicated subject

Although the purpose of the retreat is to unpack pain points and work on body image, the first retreat proved that it is so much more. It was educational, emotional, fun and friendships were developed.

If you are open to understanding the feelings you have about your body, meeting like-minded humans and enjoying some time for yourself, this retreat is going to give you that and more.

Body Image Retreat 

25 to 28 March 2021

Body Image Workshop

A workshop run by Nicole Vogwill, dedicated to unpacking your thoughts and feelings surrounding body image.


A key part of the retreat is seeing yourself from someone else's perspective. 

Mindfulness Workshop

The Radical Health Co. will teach you the basics of mindfulness in preparation for everything you will experience during the retreat.

Art Journaling

Allowing yourself time to acknowledge any emotions that come up during the retreat is extremely important, art journalling is a great way to express them with no expectations of the result. 

Intimacy Workshop

 "My work involves helping men/women to understand what their bodies desire to help them to have a thrilling and fulfilling sex life. I believe in learning about your own body, what it desires and what it doesn't"


Nicole's personal favourite thing about the retreat is the people she gets to meet!


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