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  • Nicole Vogwill

The First Body Image Retreat

It's difficult to put into words what the first Body Image Retreat means for me. It was emotional, powerful, fun and more than I could have asked for. Being surrounded by women who are ready to dive into their emotions and feelings surrounding body image, women who trust me to guide them, fills my heart with happiness!

On the first day we had the makeup workshop which was a great ice breaker, the ladies got to know each other over something casual. We followed this up with Tacos, which I had for the first time ever..... WHY HAVE I NEVER HAD TACOS BEFORE? New favourite meal... We talked late into the evening (it was free time after dinner) and spent time getting to know each other better, which is not something I was expecting to happen so quickly.

Day two saw tears, laughter, stories, support and love with the Un-make Your Mind - Intro into Body Image workshop. There was time to discuss, learn and breathe before an afternoon of poolside photo shoots, butts and art journaling!! (three of my favourite things)

On our last morning, it was an emotional departure, at a retreat like this you build up a very close connection with those around you and that made it harder to say goodbye (for now). Before checking out we discussed/ set our intentions for the future so that we can continue to work on our Body Image in the exclusive Body Image Retreat FB group.